Post Installation

Table of Contents

III.1. Check the Event Viewer - Round 1
III.2. Check the Oracle Services - Round 1
III.3. Examine and Backup Log Files
III.4. Reboot the PC
III.5. Check the Event Viewer - Round 2
III.6. Check the Oracle Services - Round 2
III.7. Examine Readme Files
III.8. Quick Check of Install
III.9. Apply Oracle Patch
III.10. Steps Applicable to Specific Oracle Components
III.10.1. Advanced Replication
III.10.2. Oracle Enterprise Manager
III.10.3. Oracle Advanced Security
III.10.4. Oracle Parallel Server
III.10.5. Oracle Internet Directory
III.10.6. Oracle Message Broker
III.10.7. Oracle Snap-Ins to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC)
III.10.8. Oracle Workflow
III.10.9. Oracle integration w/ Active Directory
III.10.10. Oracle Recovery Manager
III.11. Final Check of Install
III.12. Secure Oracle
III.13. Install Demos
III.14. Open System Up to Users
III.15. Document the System
III.15.1. Document Environment Variables
III.15.2. Use OUI to Obtain Component Inventory
III.15.3. Options Available from Window's "Start"
III.15.4. Document Consumed Disk Space
III.16. Clean up Temporary Files