Actual Installation

Table of Contents

II.1. Turn Off Batch Jobs
II.2. Reboot the PC
II.3. Login in as the Appropriate User
II.4. Check Event Viewer and Clear It
II.5. Create the Oracle Home (OH) Directory
II.6. Shut Down Previous Versions of Oracle
II.7. Implement the Multi-Home Aware Decisions
II.8. Installation on a Pentium 4
II.9. Use Oracle Universal Installer (OUI) to Load Software
II.9.1. Introduction
II.9.2. "Welcome" Window
II.9.3. "File Locations" Window
II.9.4. "Select a Product to Install" Window
II.9.5. "Select Installation Type" Window
II.9.6. "Available Product Components" Window
II.9.6.1. Product Languages
II.9.6.2. Oracle Components
II.9.7. "Component Locations" Window
II.9.8. "Oracle Management Server Repository" Window
II.9.9. "Authentication Methods" Window
II.9.10. Create a Database: No
II.9.11. "Oracle Protocol Support" Window
II.9.12. Review Installation Options
II.9.13. Actual Installation
II.9.14. "Configuration Assistants" Window
II.9.14.1. Net8 Configuration Assistant
II.9.14.2. Starting Oracle HTTP Service
II.9.14.3. Enterprise Manager Configuration Assistant
II.9.15. End of Installation
II.9.16. Exit OUI
II.9.17. Close DOS Pop-Up Window