Chapter I.3. Applicable Documentation

If you are so inclined, you can read the following documentation in the order listed. On the other hand, you can just follow the steps in this document.

  1. Oracle8i (Version 8.1.5) Getting Started for Windows NT

  2. Oracle8i (Version 8.1.7) Installation Guide for Windows NT

  3. Oracle8i (Version 8.1.6) Administrator's Guide for Windows NT

  4. Oracle8i (version 8.1.7) Release Notes for Windows NT

  5. Product Readme's

    1. RDBMS Readme

    2. Net8 Readme

    3. JDBC Readme

  6. Oracle8i (Version 8.1.7) Documentation Addendum

  7. Oracle8i (Version 8.1.7) SQL*Plus - Getting Started for Windows