I.1.4. Select and Obtain the Oracle Patch

Perform the following steps to navigate to the Web site to obtain the patch:

  1. Go to Oracle's Metalink and log in. Please note that you must pay for support in order to have access.

  2. Select "Patches & Updates" along the left hand side and than "Simple Search".

Perform the following steps to obtain the actual patch

  1. Select the "Product or Family" option for the "Search By" drop down menu.

  2. Next, enter "RDBMS Server" in the text entry field immediately to the right.

  3. Select a "Release" of "Oracle 8.1.7".

  4. Select the "Any" option for the "Patch Type" drop down menu.

  5. Select the "Microsoft Windows (32-bit)" option for the "Platform or Langauge" drop down menu.

  6. Click on the "Go" button.

  7. The latest available patch as of 7/2/05 is 4300317.

Also, recall that Microsoft Windows has a maximum length for the file path. Consequently, when download and install software, do not use deeply nested folders.