E.5.  Patch MOD PL/SQL

The following is the interaction during the patch application

  1. C:\4300317\MODPLSQL> cscript //nologo patch.js

  2. You are installing MODPLSQL component for ORACLE_HOME C:\oracle\o817

    Are you ready to Continue ? [N] =>


  3. Backing up Mandatory Install Files

    Backed up modplsql.dll

    Backup of C:\oracle\o817\Apache\modplsql\cfg done

    Backup of C:\oracle\o817\Apache\modplsql\owa done

    Backup of MODPLSQL was successful

  4. Installing MODPLSQL in ORACLE_HOME: C:\oracle\o817

    Installed modplsql.dll

    Installed C:\oracle\o817\Apache\modplsql\cfg files

    Installed C:\oracle\o817\Apache\modplsql\owa files

  5. Patch Installation Completed, please inspect for any errors during patch install and verify against the known issuses section the Pre-installation Notes.

    There is no "known issues section" in the README.html that came with the patch. Also, there is no log file generated during the patch install. Consequently, only place to inspect for errors is on the DOS window itself.