Appendix A. Acronyms

BSP: Backup Solutions Program

GUI: Graphical User Interface

JDBC: Not an acronym but a trademarked name. However, it is often thought to stand for Java DataBase Connectivity.

JDK: Java Development Kit

JIT: Just in Time

LSM: Legato Storage Manager

LU6.2: Logical Unit protocol. It resides within the IBM layered SNA (Systems Network Architecture). It is a peer-to-peer protocol. It is used to connect a mainframe to PC's. It is very old and is no longer used.

MIB: Management Information Base

NCA: Network Computing Architecture

NDS: Novell Directory Services. For further details refer to the white paper titled NDS Technical Overview

NMP: Name Management Protocol (NetBIOS Protocol)

OCI: Oracle Call Interface

OH: Oracle Home

OLE: Object Linking and Embedding

OLTP: Online Transaction Processing

OO4O: Oracle Objects for OLE

OPS: Oracle Parallel Server. (OPS later replaced by RAC )

ORDBMS: Object Relational Database Management System

OSD: Operating System Dependent

OTT: Object Type Translator. Use by Oracle to map database object types and named collection types to C structs for use in OCI and ProC/C++.

PC: Personal Computer

RAC: Real Application Cluster. (RAC earlier called OPS )

RMAN: Recovery MANager

RSFs: Required Support Files

SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol

SP: Service Pack

SPX: Sequenced Packet Exchange. Operates at the transport layer providing connection oriented communication for NetWare.

TCO: Total Cost of Ownership